A Bit About Aaron, Sous Chef

A Bit About Aaron, Sous Chef

Oct 30 2011

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Aaron and Reto with beansCooking Passion – Fresh, seasonal ingredients.
Favourite Cuisine - Italian: “I loved a job I had working in an Italian restaurant after school, where we made all the pasta from scratch.”

Since July, Aaron’s been tasked with training to take over Amber’s position as head chef at Truffles, and by all accounts he’s growing into the job beautifully.  His career spans multiple geographies, venues, and cuisines, giving him a background that has nurtured his passion for food with colour and personality.  He trained at George Brown Centre for Culinary Arts in Toronto, where over 85% of graduates land jobs within six months of graduation.   He soon moved to Tofino, where he met his mentor, Lisa Ahier, with whom he is still in regular contact.  Ahier’s restaurant, Sobo (for Southern Bohemian) began as a foodtruck that EnRoute Magazine rated n inth best restaurant in Canada, and it was here that Aaron says he had the most fun as a chef.  He worked there for six years, before moving on to become a banquet chef at the Black Rock Resort in Euculet.  Later, he travelled to western Australia, where he worked at a vegan raw food joint.  He then graduated to the Sydney Convention Centre, which catered functions of all sizes – sometimes hosting hundreds of guests at a time.  There he ran the larder section, plating appetizers and canapes (often on a conveyor belt for massive orders) and hosting food tastings.   Now he enjoys the change and variety offered at Truffles.  “I like the challenge, and the chance to learn,” he says.  “Since we feed the same people almost every day, we have to switch up the menus so they don’t get bored.  We have to get creative.”  In his spare time, Aaron likes to peruse little shops for delectible fare with his wife, and readapt recipes, cooking by feel.  He also spends time visiting family in eastern Canada.

Aaron through the shelves