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The Art Of Squash

Many people consider squash a vegetable but it is actually a fruit! And with 15 different varieties, there are plenty of different types to choose between summer and winter varieties. You can find both summer and winter varieties all year long, but they get their names from the time they are ready for harvest. When you are picking a summer squash, look for its thin, tender skin and smell. While a winter squash will have a thick solid skin, and will feel slightly hollow.

Our best vegetarian entrée is Squash Ravioli- in the fall and winter served with roasted wild mushrooms, whole pecans and a sage-pecan truffle emulsion and in spring and summer served with a light roasted tomato sauce. Whether vegetarian or not, this beautiful dish will satisfy anyone’s taste buds.

Squashes are not just for autumn meals, or decorating for Halloween but have multiple purposes. Both winter and summer squashes have become great staples in meals replacing noodles and rice. For winter, a spaghetti squash is great with a classic tomato and meatball sauce, or pesto. Or use a summer squash like zucchini to replace the noodles in lasagna, or with a cashew cream sauce, or a raw heirloom tomato sauce like we did! This raw heirloom tomato sauce with zucchini pasta was wondering on a warm summers eve- and super easy to make. Here is how!

4 small-medium zucchini of all colors

3 heirloom tomatoes

2 handfuls of basil

1-2 Teaspoon of fresh thyme

2 Gloves of garlic

½ Cup Sun-dried tomatoes

3 Tablespoons of olive oil

1 Teaspoon of maple syrup

Salt and pepper to taste

1) Using a Julian peelers or mandolin slice the zucchini length wise

2) Blend everything except the zucchini in a food processor until sauce like

3) Place sauce on top of zucchini and top with parmesan cheese and/or olives and  serve!

*View our menu here to cater your next event 

*Share a picture of your zucchini pasta on Instagram and be entered to win a free picnic basket lunch. Just tag us in your picture and hastag #TrufflesCateringZucchiniPasta

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Farmers Market Excursion

Vancouver now has seven  farmers Markets apart of the Vancouver’s Famers Market Association as well as a handful of independent markets. Over the last two weeks we werre able to explore the Yaletown, Main Street, Mt. Pleasant, Kitsilano, and Trout Lake Markets. Each market offered a wonderful array of vegetables and artisan items from breads to honey and homemade products.

Going to your local famers market is a great way to get your vegetables and fruits.

Here at Truffles Fine Foods we believe in buying locally, and seasonally when possible. There are many benefits, such as supporting your local environment and businesses. Not to mention we get to experience the real flavours of the produce.

At the Trout Lake Marketing this weekend, we picked up some garlic scapes and fresh herbs to make a pesto. Of course, a good pesto is a classic on pasta but try it on roasted vegetables, halibut, even burgers.

In a processor (or blender) combined the following until well mixed with an even consistency.

-       6 garlic scapes

-       3 large handfuls of basil

-       ¼ bunch of chives

-       Handful of walnuts

-       2 Tablespoons of nutritional yeast

-       Extra Virgin Olive Oil (start with 1/3 Cup add more to adjust consistency)

-       Salt & pepper to taste


*To find a market in your neighbourhood (or explore them all) check out eat local for more information.

Be sure to send us a picture through our Instagram of your pesto and how you used it. Use the hashtag #trufflespesto for your chance to be entered to win a free picnic at VanDusen Botanical Garden for two!

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Celebrate the New Season with Our New Spring Menu!

Print The first crocuses and daffodils have awakened at last from winter’s sleep, and the sun pushes back the night’s curtains a little earlier each day… the first tidings of Spring have arrived!  As the birds return to singing sweet songs and the bumble bee queens build their honey pots, our chefs have also been inspired by the changing season – to wit, the launch of our new Spring Menu, created by Chef Reto Ballat.

carrot image “For me, spring is all about the fresh ingredients, the new produce bought fresh from the market,” says Chef Reto. “No longer do we need to dig through barrels of vegetables stored from last year’s harvest – our sources are renewed and our palettes refreshed.”illustration_spinach as Smart Object-1

And what better way to celebrate than with a new Spring Menu?  Drawing on past years’ experiences of cooking in Zurich, Switzerland’s Eden au Lac Hotel, Reto’s latest repertoire features the sea- salted and meadow-grown flavours of Mediterranean France: Barolo-braised Rabbit Breast, light and succulent Lobster meat, bright rhubarb, young  spinach, olive oil, and crisp white wine.  “When I sat down to plan the menu, all my old favourites came to mind,” Reto reflects. “I remembered cooking in so many different places, and the French Mediterranean was definitely Number One.”

lobsterWhile the menu especially emphasizes our steadfast devotion to locally-sourced ingredients, we’re proud to feature lobster as a seasonal East-coast treat – another celebration of Spring’s tidings. Lovingly folded into delicate handmade pasta, and bathed in an ambrosial white wine butter sauce, the ravioli is “well worth the effort.” The Rabbit Breast is Reto’s personal favourite, hailing once again to his earlier culinary exploits abroad. “We take care to braise it only until it’s perfectly tender,” he explains, “and for me, spring potatoes and baby carrots have always marked the change of seasons. It’s like tasting the rebirth – the ideal Easter celebration.”

Without further ado, we present our new Spring Menu in its luscious entirety. Enjoy!Microsoft Word - 2013 Spring Menu.docx

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