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Celebrate the New Season with Our New Spring Menu!

Print The first crocuses and daffodils have awakened at last from winter’s sleep, and the sun pushes back the night’s curtains a little earlier each day… the first tidings of Spring have arrived!  As the birds return to singing sweet songs and the bumble bee queens build their honey pots, our chefs have also been inspired by the changing season – to wit, the launch of our new Spring Menu, created by Chef Reto Ballat.

carrot image “For me, spring is all about the fresh ingredients, the new produce bought fresh from the market,” says Chef Reto. “No longer do we need to dig through barrels of vegetables stored from last year’s harvest – our sources are renewed and our palettes refreshed.”illustration_spinach as Smart Object-1

And what better way to celebrate than with a new Spring Menu?  Drawing on past years’ experiences of cooking in Zurich, Switzerland’s Eden au Lac Hotel, Reto’s latest repertoire features the sea- salted and meadow-grown flavours of Mediterranean France: Barolo-braised Rabbit Breast, light and succulent Lobster meat, bright rhubarb, young  spinach, olive oil, and crisp white wine.  “When I sat down to plan the menu, all my old favourites came to mind,” Reto reflects. “I remembered cooking in so many different places, and the French Mediterranean was definitely Number One.”

lobsterWhile the menu especially emphasizes our steadfast devotion to locally-sourced ingredients, we’re proud to feature lobster as a seasonal East-coast treat – another celebration of Spring’s tidings. Lovingly folded into delicate handmade pasta, and bathed in an ambrosial white wine butter sauce, the ravioli is “well worth the effort.” The Rabbit Breast is Reto’s personal favourite, hailing once again to his earlier culinary exploits abroad. “We take care to braise it only until it’s perfectly tender,” he explains, “and for me, spring potatoes and baby carrots have always marked the change of seasons. It’s like tasting the rebirth – the ideal Easter celebration.”

Without further ado, we present our new Spring Menu in its luscious entirety. Enjoy!Microsoft Word - 2013 Spring Menu.docx

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Wedding Testimonial: Jennifer Hopp

Still looking for the perfect wedding caterer? Let a starring testimonial be your guide!  We could tout our staff and services until words fail us, but it means so much more when it comes from our gratified clients.  Here, we tell the story of one unforgettable wedding, as related by the happy bride herself.

JENMATT_237 It was a bright and warm (by Vancouver standards) late-July afternoon when guests assembled at Cammidge house in Delta, BC to witness and celebrate the marriage of Jennifer Hopp and Matt Brown-Warr.  Located inside Boundary Bay Regional Park, the lush green lawns of the property rolled into picturesque fields, and the nearby ocean salted the breeze that wandered under the 30’ x 60’ tents.  While the loving union was beautifully officiated, Truffles staff bustled away inside the rustic heritage building, preparing for the dinner and dance to follow.

JENMATT_203Nin actually visited the site two or three times before the event to make sure it had everything we needed,” said Hopp in a testimonial interview.  “I was really impressed by the measures he took to ensure the day went perfectly.”

JENMATT_345At 4:30pm, welcome drinks appeared and the party began.  Shimmering glasses of Blueberry Mint Lemonade refreshed the crowd while the wedding party posed for photos.  Platters of appies appeared shortly after the ceremony, featuring an assorted local charcuterie and BC Valleys cheese with artisan crackers and house-made preserves; a seafood extravaganza of smoked BC salmon, Indian candy, steamed BC mussels and spot prawns; and Mediterranean quintessence in the form of tomato bocconcini skewers with pesto, marinated feta and olives, tzatziki, hummus, roasted red peppers, artichokes, marinated mushrooms, and fresly-grilled pita bread.  The array of modest yet exquisite morsels were the perfect way to tide the guests over until (and whet their appetites for) the gourmet feast ahead.

Seafood Platter

Mediterranean PlatterA round 7:30, the party gathered around white clothed tables adorned with bright bouquets and sweet little succulents for dinner.  “We wanted a family-style meal to match the theme of the wedding,” explained Hopp.  “Our families always hosted big dinners – food is super-important to us – and we really wanted our reception to reflect that.”  And so, the guests sat side-by-side down the long tables, passed baskets of fresh-baked bread rolls back and forth upon request, and shared the flavours of fine conversation, company, and cuisine.  A salad of heirloom tomatoes and bocconcini dressed with house-made micro basil and orange oil vinaigrette opened the meal, followed by prosciutto-wrapped halibut with tomato and basil in Chardonnay sauce, Pemberton Valley beef tenderloin with garlic confit and truffle Madeira jus, and pan-roasted Fraser Valley chicken with local baby carrots and thyme-roasted fingerling potatoes.  “The halibut was my favourite,” Hopp recalls fondly.  “All of us wanted to drink the sauce, it was so delicious!”

JENMATT_313JenMatt Dinner ReceptionAlongside these were Portobello mushrooms stuffed with Israel couscous and goat cheese, house-made potato gnocchi, a mix of exotic fruit, and flame-grilled zucchini, cherry tomatoes, eggplant, red peppers, and mushrooms.  “The menu definitely catered to our love of Italian cuisine,” said Hopp.  “The gnocchi in particular was a popular favourite.”  Coffee and tea appeared at the end with the wedding cake and speeches, and the bartenders plied thirsty partiers with a full selection of sips.  Finally, the staff rolled out a late-night taco bar a few hours later, serving up tortilla chips with salsa alongside soft taco shells filled with seafood and pulled pork to satisfy any midnight munchies.  “This was a testimony to our love of travel,” Hopp explained.  “It was a great finishing touch – although by then Matt and I were so busy celebrating with our guests that we didn’t get a chance to try any of it!  We got lots of positive feedback about it, though.”

Meat, Cheese, and Fruit Platter When asked what she thought about the overall “Truffles Treatment”, Jen Hopp had lots of praise to offer.  “I was blown away by how well Nin and the staff adapted their recipes to accommodate our family-style setting,” she said. “Matt and I really appreciated the chance to meet the chefs ahead of time and discuss our options.  The tastings were our favourite part of the wedding planning process!  In comparison to all the others we tried, Truffles was the best in terms of price, menu, services, and flexibility.  From Day One, they made us feel really confident about pulling off the wedding – and I know the same is true of ANY type of event.  And they came through with flying colours!  Their caring staff were so attentive to all our needs. Without a doubt, I’d recommend them as a top-notch caterer that can tailor their services for every occasion.”

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Help Save BC Film!

As you know, we cherish close ties with the local film industry as one of the city’s top on-site caterers.  Since our inception three years ago, we’ve been providing gourmet meals to the cast and crew of over 75 movies and TV series filmed all over the Lower Mainland, including Twilight, Level Up, Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3, Arrow, 2012, and Once Upon A Time.  And we love it  – what better way to merge food and film, two of our favourite things?

on_set_film_truckSo you can understand how news about the recent decline in film production, and the lack of response from the provincial government, has us feeling more than a little blue.  We’ve seen (and broken bread with) the vast numbers of workers involved in film production across the city and beyond.  We’ve worked alongside countless businesses, both small and large, that also provide important services to the industry, be it electrical engineering, equipment rentals, cosmetics and esthetics, moving services to and from film sets, landscaping, or hotel and guest accommodations.  We know all of them take a hit when the film industry’s hurting.

Save BC Film

As the provider of tens of thousands of jobs, commercial revenue, and tourist attraction, the film industry has played a major role in BC’s economy for more than two decades.  Once the third largest centre of production in North America, our province has fallen behind Ontario (and soon, Quebec as well) since their respective government(s) increased tax incentives and invested in local film.  Numerous film projects have relocated from Vancouver to Toronto as a result, causing significant losses to BC’s industry and siphoning much of our local talent to the East.  Furthermore, the impending return of PST and GST, production costs are facing a further 7% increase.  Our city’s competitive position in the national and global markets of film production is at stake – and yet, our provincial government has done nothing about it.

Save BC Film red image

That’s why the friends and families of those 25 thousand film industry employees and associated businesses are banding together to get our Premier’s attentionSaveBCFilm.com is circling an online petition to support a change in our tax incentives like those made in Ontario, which we urge you to read and sign here.  They’re also hosting a Town Hall Meeting tomorrow, January 22nd at 7pm inside Stage 7 of the North Shore Film Studios (home of our first cafe!) to discuss and debate how to rescue the industry from further decline.  (FYI: Our cafe will be open in enthusiastic support during that time, offering empathy along with our usual menu of gourmet goodness.) Press releases have also garnered a good deal of press coverage, including articles in The Province, The Vancouver Sun, The Globe and Mail, Vancity Buzz, and reports like the ones below from our friends at GlobalTV:

Changes must be made if we want to keep our talent, income, and tourism local.  If we don’t save BC’s film industry, our economy and our community stands to suffer.  Please help us support our friends in film and their representative unions in getting their message heard!

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