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A Not So Boring Vegan Wedding!

With food trends changing, and people becoming more conscious of what they are putting into their bodies, it can be much more difficult to have your event or wedding catered. Especially with the notion that being vegan or a vegetarian is “boring” consisting of just vegetables and fruits- but you can show your guest it is so much more! Our chefs have experience in making well-presented vegan/vegetarian and gluten-free dishes without sacrificing any flavour. The dishes will wow your non-vegan guest and satisfy everyone’s taste buds, which will be a gentle way to introduce new foods, and even educate your friends and family.

Whether you are vegan, and eliminate all animal products, vegetarian and eliminate meats (and eggs), or gluten free at Truffles Fine Foods we will work with you to help meet your (and your guest) dietary needs.

Let us share one of our full vegan menus including a cocktail hour for one of our most recent weddings.

Passed Hors D’oeuvres

Vegetarian Spring Rolls with a preserved plum dipping sauce

Heirloom Beet and Watermelon Salad with vegan cheese and balsamic reduction

 Garden Pea with Mint Soup with onions, garlic and fresh herbs

 Gourmet Buffet

Egg Free Penne Pasta with a light tomato and Olive sauce 

 Portobello Mushrooms Steaks stuffed with Israeli couscous and cashew cream sauce

 Vegetable Strudel  with zucchini, red peppers, mushrooms and onions.


Roasted Multicolored Carrots with almond mint pesto

Grilled Vegetables

Mushroom Risotto

Herb Roasted Fingerling Potatoes


Truffles Kale Caesar with roasted garlic silken tofu Caesar dressing

Mixed Greens with house made vinaigrette

Potato Salad with creamy avocado dressing

Carrot and Almond Slaw with raisins and julienne red onions


Chai & Soy Milk Rice Pudding with the following homemade toppings available in ramekins: mango, fruit compote, toasted almonds, fresh berries, pumpkin seeds and honey comb (See recipe below!)

With so many overall whelming decisions to make during planning your wedding- you won’t have to feel stressed over this one. Not only do we provide the catering service to best satisfy your needs, but also we work with a number of preferred venues, event planners (both internal and external), as well as photographers. We really do want to help make this process as easy (and fun!) as possible. Contact us for more information on a free consultation and to customize your menu.

Chai & Soy Milk Rice Pudding Recipe

700g Short Grain Rice
1.5 litter Soy Milk (or milk alternative of your choice)
300ml Chai Tea Concentrate (We use The Chai Company)
200g Sugar

  1. Bring soy milk to a boil and add rice.
  2. Reduce heat to low and simmer until rice is cooked and pudding is creamy. Stirring constantly.
  3. Add Chai tea concentrate and sugar

To serve

Place in shallow bowl and add as many or little toppings as you desire. From honeycomb, fruit compote, fresh berries, to nuts, seeds, and shredded coconut. Even poached fruit!

Check out two of our favourite vegan bloggers:
Angela for Oh She Glow
Emily for This Rawsome Vegan Life*Don’t forget to share a photo of your dessert on Instagram for a chance to win a free picnic basket lunch! 
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Celebrate the New Season with Our New Spring Menu!

Print The first crocuses and daffodils have awakened at last from winter’s sleep, and the sun pushes back the night’s curtains a little earlier each day… the first tidings of Spring have arrived!  As the birds return to singing sweet songs and the bumble bee queens build their honey pots, our chefs have also been inspired by the changing season – to wit, the launch of our new Spring Menu, created by Chef Reto Ballat.

carrot image “For me, spring is all about the fresh ingredients, the new produce bought fresh from the market,” says Chef Reto. “No longer do we need to dig through barrels of vegetables stored from last year’s harvest – our sources are renewed and our palettes refreshed.”illustration_spinach as Smart Object-1

And what better way to celebrate than with a new Spring Menu?  Drawing on past years’ experiences of cooking in Zurich, Switzerland’s Eden au Lac Hotel, Reto’s latest repertoire features the sea- salted and meadow-grown flavours of Mediterranean France: Barolo-braised Rabbit Breast, light and succulent Lobster meat, bright rhubarb, young  spinach, olive oil, and crisp white wine.  “When I sat down to plan the menu, all my old favourites came to mind,” Reto reflects. “I remembered cooking in so many different places, and the French Mediterranean was definitely Number One.”

lobsterWhile the menu especially emphasizes our steadfast devotion to locally-sourced ingredients, we’re proud to feature lobster as a seasonal East-coast treat – another celebration of Spring’s tidings. Lovingly folded into delicate handmade pasta, and bathed in an ambrosial white wine butter sauce, the ravioli is “well worth the effort.” The Rabbit Breast is Reto’s personal favourite, hailing once again to his earlier culinary exploits abroad. “We take care to braise it only until it’s perfectly tender,” he explains, “and for me, spring potatoes and baby carrots have always marked the change of seasons. It’s like tasting the rebirth – the ideal Easter celebration.”

Without further ado, we present our new Spring Menu in its luscious entirety. Enjoy!Microsoft Word - 2013 Spring Menu.docx

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Wedding Inspiration for 2013

Love and relationships are common themes this month, so it’s no wonder our professional caterer’s minds have turned to weddings!  And with hints of spring and hope for summer emerging from under winter’s chilly veil, chances are good that there’s a wedding or two in the making…  So for fellow wedding planners and enthusiasts alike, here are a few sparks of inspiration we’ve come across that might strike your fancy:


Wedding Venues

1. The Waterfall Building.  2. Rocky Mountaineer Station.  3. Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre / Courtesy of Larissa Addison – Luxe Photography.  4. Capilano Suspension Bridge.  5. False Creek Yacht Club.  6. Vancouver Art Gallery.  7. VanDusen Botanical Garden.  8. Westside Grand.


Canoe Iceboxcork placecard holders

Choose a Seat, not a Side5 Things Her Side Should Know About Him

sunflower chandelierscootie catcher menuVintage wedding forks

photo lightslove story

candle aisleHappily Every After Starts Here


Vows graphicWedding Croquet

puzzle guestbookGuitar Guestbook

Fingerprint Treetrees to plant


Cheese-cakebreakfast wedding


popcorn barsoda shoppe

preserve shelveshoney lemon martinis

adult snow conescreme brulee bites

coffee barfrench fry

And because food and wedding parties go together like a bride and groom, here are a few of our favourite reception menus we’ve designed to complement any style of wedding:

Wedding Menu - Gourmet Buffet

Wedding Menu - Cocktail Dinner

Wedding Menu - Plated Dinner & Family Style

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